Here it is, our new TFI Relocation Kit. The main area of improvement is the heat sink itself which has been upgraded from the reclaimed Ford block of cast aluminum we used to scrounge junk yards for to the all-new, custom extruded aluminum piece you see to the left.
The heat sink is still supplied with an application of ArticSilver 5 Silver Heat sink compound but now also includes a few more improvements to help make the installation easier for the average customer. They are:

1. Everything is All-Weather Proof - We are located in the NorthEast where winter road salt turns most aftermarket accessories disgusting looking within a few winter months. We hate rust. To that end every component of the kit is ether aluminum or stainless steel.

2. No Special Tools Required - We don't think you should have to know how to solder or need to cut and crimp wires to install this kit. All you need is a small drill bit for the mounting screws and a wretch to screw them in. We even included a set of M4 stainless cap screws and an allen key to replace the Ford module bolts that require that special TFI tool. Don't worry, we can rent you the TFI tool from us for $15 so you can get your old module off. Once you use the included cap screws you'll never need it again so send it back within 30 days and we'll refund $13 back to you.

3. Improved Heat Dissipation -  Back in grade school we learned that heat rises. Despite this, Ford designed their heat sink in such a way that the TFI Module's heat would have to travel down and then sideways to the fins to be dissipated. We designed the new heat sink with an "underslung" module mount that mounts the module upside-down under the heat sink so that heat can rise naturally from it and directly to the fins above for dissipation. As an added bonus the underslung design also better protects the module from puddling water. Water is the only other thing we've found to adversely affect TFI modules on our shop cars.

4. Same Price - We did not want to have to raise the price for our kit. Through a ton of supplier research we were able to do just that. We did however find that printing out the now much longer installation instructions for  each order would kick the price up. To that end we've uploaded the 5 page manual to our website for handy downloading. The upside of this is that you can now download the instructions before buying to see if it's something you want to handle before making a purchase.

We're very happy with the way the kit turned out and can't wait to see them fly out of our shop. Click on "TFI relocation" on the right side of the blog to read about the development of these kits over the last few months and visit our website to order and read more.


4/10/2019 05:07:47 pm

Will your TFI relocation kit fit my 94 Tempo V6 if so what is the part number so I can order it

6/17/2019 09:55:17 am

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9/3/2019 12:42:24 pm

It appears they're out of business. I've tried emailing them more than once, and the phone number listed on this website has been disconnected.


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