What you're looking at is the first production prototype of our new TFI heat sink kit. Although it looks ready to go I'm still planning on making one last additional small upgrade before they are ready to go. I went to great pains to make sure that, unlike other aftermarket accessories, this part looks the same a year after it's installed as it does the day you put it in. To that end I've sources all rust-free components (aluminum heat sink and standoffs, stainless steel washers and attachment screws). The only part that could rust and look bad are the stupid little M4 hex-head screws that Ford used to attach the module to the heat sink. I'd hate to see little rust streaks from the back side of those screws leaching out after a few years.


I decided to include in the kit new stainless steel M4 screws. The problem is that no one makes a stainless steel copy of the Ford screw. I looked at a few possibilities and decided my best bet was to use Allen-head cap screws. Keeping with my no special tools rule I decided to include a 3mm allen key in the kit in case the customer does not have one.  Both of these new components have been ordered and should be here next week sometime, at which point I hope to have the online and printed instructions ready. Shortly after that the fist of these kits (its already been purchased) will be ready to ship out.

Thanks every one for your patience as we redevelop this product. Remember, if you want to place your order at any point before the kits are ready to ship you'll get your kit in order as they are finished.


4/14/2014 05:01:58 pm

Of the three wires in your harness green, blue, red, in which order are they suppost to be wired from left to right green,yellow,red or another way?

10/13/2014 12:46:24 pm

Jason. What is you price point?


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